Department Committees

Department Head

  • Art Gmitro

The head of the department is responsible for overall teaching, research and service mission of the department. The chair represents the interest of department to the University and external constituencies.

Undergraduate Studies Committee

  • Urs Utzinger (head)
  • Marek Romanowski
  • Ted Trouard
  • Erika Eggers
  • Jeong-Yeol Yoon
  • Diana Wilson
  • Cecilia Lopez

The UGSC recommends changes to undergraduate degree requirements, suggests edits to the undergraduate student handbook, examines course syllabi and descriptions for prerequisite courses, approves new courses, removes outmoded courses and in general focuses on curriculum-related issues.

Awards Committee

  • Ali Bilgin (head)
  • Diana Wilson

The awards committee actively pursues nominations of students, staff and faculty for College, University and external awards.

Annual Review Committee

  • Ted Trouard (head)
  • Ali Bilgin
  • Kerrie Sonnenberg

The ARC conducts annual evaluation of all faculty appointed in the department. Their findings, together with the evaluation of the department, provide the annual performance evaluation.

External Relations Committee

  • Wolfgang Fink (head)

The ERC coordinates activities between the department and organizations external to the University, such as economic development groups and advocacy groups, as needed. The ERC also coordinates activities that foster a relationship between the department and members of the University who are responsible for technology transfer.


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