Graduate Admissions

To apply to a UA biomedical engineering graduate program, please visit the UA Graduate College's GradApp page. Create an account and apply to the appropriate program.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics, physical sciences or quantitative life sciences with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Previous coursework, including Calculus I and II, ordinary differential equations, and at least one course in life science (applicants lacking in some area at the time of application may provide a plan to gain competence in these areas)
  • Official transcripts of current Graduate Record Exam, or GRE, scores (Institution Code: 4832; Department Code: 1603)
  • Personal statement (instructions located in the Graduate College GradApp portal)
  • Three letters of recommendation from former professors or individuals knowledgeable about your academic and scientific abilities (to be uploaded with your application)

For international applicants from non-English speaking countries:

  • TOEFL with a score of 600 or more
  • Financial guarantee statement

Please visit the Graduate College website for more information for international applicants.


We admit students for fall only. Applications are accepted Oct. 1 through Jan. 6. Applications from international students are due Dec. 1, and domestic applications are due Jan. 6.

Financial Aid

Doctoral students are guaranteed five years' support while in the program. Funding for master's students is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please see BME's Graduate Student Funding page for more information.

Test Codes

Please use the following codes for the GRE, TOEFL, TSE and IELTS tests:
Institution Code: 4832
Department Code: 1603
AMP Code: UAAMP721X01

University of Arizona College of Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering 1127 E James E. Rogers Way P.O. Box 210020 Tucson, AZ 85721-0020