Graduate Program

Biomedical engineering is an exciting discipline that integrates the engineering sciences with biology and medicine. Biomedical engineering continues to see a dramatic expansion of activity leading to the development of a wide variety of medical procedures and medical devices, and a deeper understanding of biological and medical processes.

The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program at the University of Arizona was established to address the increasing importance of engineering approaches in modern biomedical research and healthcare, and to develop future generations of innovative and successful biomedical engineers.

A major strength of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program is derived from the breadth of research activities among our interdisciplinary faculty. Faculty in the program have primary appointments in many different departments in the College of Engineering, College of Medicine and College of Science, and their research covers a wide range of biomedical engineering.

Graduate students have the opportunity to be trained and mentored by leading researchers and educators in fields such as artificial hearts, biomedical imaging, and molecular and cellular biomechanics. While providing foundational knowledge, the biomedical engineering curriculum allows students to design a unique program of study to meet their individual research interests and career goals.

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