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Giving Sight Back to the Blind

Wolfgang Fink is giving sight back to those who once saw. Since 2002, he and his colleagues have been working on a new way to give sight to those whose vision has been damaged from age-related macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa, both conditions that result in visual impairment and ultimately total blindness.

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Yoon Elected President of the Institute of Biological Engineering

Associate professor Jeong-Yeol Yoon will serve as the new president of the Institute of Biological Engineering, a professional organization dedicated to integrating engineering principles with the many aspects of life sciences.

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Wolfgang Fink Makes News

Associate professor Wolfgang Fink makes a media splash! Here are some of the recent news reports about his work:

Jennifer Barton Wears Many Hats at UA

Jennifer Barton is the assistant director and No. 3 person at Bio5 Institute, she is the department head of the newly established Department of Biomedical Engineering, chair of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, and she is a researcher and teaches classes within optics, electrical and computer engineering and biomedical engineering.

"Most faculty members end up teaching, doing research and some sort of service," said Barton, who is also a Arizona Cancer Center member. "My service just happens to be more administrative. It seems like a lot but although I wear a lot of different hats, they're all the same color. It's really synergistic work."

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A Mechanical Engineer's View of the Human Body

Like any operating machine, the human body is made up of a series of systems. Each component in the system serves a specific function to keep the system operating. There are biological pumps, valves, pipes, filters, wiring, as well as contents under pressure. And, just like a mechanical system, if the stress on the components is high enough, those parts can fail.

“Many of the answers to medical problems are often similar to answers to engineering problems,” said Jonathan Vande Geest, 32, assistant professor at the University of Arizona. “I love that you can utilize tools and expertise that’s been developed over the last 100-plus years in mechanical engineering to solve problems related to human health.”

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For Aspiring Undergrad Researchers, UA is the Place to Be

Amanda Urbina started her junior year last week, but she already finds herself at the forefront of biomedical science – not as part of a required class, but participating in an actual research project.

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Biomedical Engineering Undergraduates Help Develop Body Worn Sensor Technology

BME students Pooja Rajguru and Rose Anderson spent their summer developing sensors for gait analysis as part of their NIH-supported summer training program. Check out video of their experience!

Nine Outstanding UA Engineering Faculty Recognized

By Steve Delgado - August 30, 2011, 3:23 pm

Nine University of Arizona faculty members with outstanding records in engineering research were selected for UA College of Engineering fellowships this week.

Recognized faculty members were nominated by their department heads for overall performance in key engineering research areas. UA engineering faculty fellows were then selected by the dean and approved by the college faculty advisory committee.

The UA College of Engineering faculty fellows in research for 2011 are:

Erdogan Madenci, aerospace engineering professor (3-year award)
Young-Jun Son, systems and industrial engineering professor (3-year award)
Marwan Krunz, electrical and computer engineering professor (3-year award)
Reyes Sierra, chemical and environmental engineering professor (2-year award)
Pak Wong, aerospace and mechanical engineering associate professor (2-year award)
Sean Dessureault, mining and geological engineering associate professor (2-year award)
Mark Hickman, civil engineering and engineering mechanics associate professor (1-year award)
Marek Romanowski, biomedical engineering associate professor (1-year award)
Pierre Lucas, materials science and engineering associate professor (1-year award)

"These awards are recognition of strong achievement for some of our outstanding faculty," said Jeff Goldberg, dean of the UA College of Engineering. "This is truly a college-wide effort, where everyone felt that such a program would improve morale for faculty that we want to retain and support."

These new fellows were selected for their research in engineering disciplines regarded as critical to achieving the UA College of Engineering’s mission of improving the quality of life through excellence in education and research. Specifically, these research focuses include:

• Biomedical engineering - both nanomedicine and imaging
• Information communication
• Optical materials
• Mine operations and information systems
• Aerospace materials and structures
• System simulation and modeling
• Transportation systems
• Sustainability and the environment.

"Fabulous group in our key research areas," Goldberg said of the fellowship awardees via Twitter in a posting dated Aug. 28. Goldberg also posted that he would soon announce college fellowships that recognized excellence in teaching. Dean Jeff Goldberg can be followed on Twitter at @UA_ENGR_Jeff_G

Barton Lab Meets with Optics Pioneer

Jennifer Barton's lab team enjoyed dinner with Charles Townes, inventor of the maser and the first to publish the theory of the laser, on April 16, 2010. Townes was a special guest at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery 30th Annual Conference, which Barton co-chaired. He took some time from his busy schedule to share his perspective on the past and future of laser with Barton and students Jen Watson, Amy Winkler, Andrew Wall and Amber Luttman.

Engineers Will Create Planetary Rover From Retinal Implant Test Robot

Wolfgang Fink and his colleagues think their robot will aid both people with visual impairments and scientists involved in planetary exploration.

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