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Biomedical engineers combine the design and problem-solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to improve medical diagnosis and treatment. BME is the newest undergraduate department in the College of Engineering, and our program builds upon decades of faculty experience in BME research and graduate education. Our students gain strong engineering skills, a knowledge of life sciences and the know-how to apply their expertise to critical medical problems.

The 4-year plan of our bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering degree includes:

  • Mathematics through differential equations
  • Physics
  • General chemistry (organic chemistry optional)
  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • English
  • General education
  • Probability and statistics
  • Core engineering skills (electronics, solid and fluid mechanics, thermal, system analysis)
  • Core biomedical engineering ("challenges" colloquium, bioinstrumentation lab, clinical experience, translation medicine)
  • Technical electives in one of four tracks: biomechanics, biomaterials/tissue engineering, technology and devices, or prehealth

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information, or feel free to contact us or stop by Engineering 106.

University of Arizona College of Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering 1127 E James E. Rogers Way P.O. Box 210020 Tucson, AZ 85721-0020